Why I'm Running

I am an educator, community advocate, and a fellow neighbor raising my family in East Anchorage’s District 27.  I'm running for the Alaska State House of Representatives because I'm tired of watching our State Legislature chase its tail when it comes to solving the fiscal crisis.  As it spins in circles, we have felt the effects of rising crime, uncertainty regarding household finances, and job losses across multiple sectors.


We need leadership that will give proper attention to the basic services that ensure our quality of life, while also pursuing a larger vision of prosperity for Alaska.

-As your representative, I will think outside the box and foster new, forward-thinking approaches to growing Alaska’s economy

-As your representative, I will have the stamina to collaboratively and efficiently develop the solutions we need, session after session

-As your representative, I will prioritize our public safety and health with votes, not lip-service

-As your representative, I will engage relationships with the resource development industry as a business and not a charity, with Alaska’s interests first

-As your representative, I will work to incentivize job growth in our traditional economies, and prepare us to meet the economic opportunities of the future

-As your representative, I will bring our Eastside pride and priorities to Juneau


Let's sow seeds of positive change in Alaska.

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About Liz

East Anchorage needs a leader who will raise the bar when it comes to work ethic, collaboration, and engaging diverse issues in the State Legislature. 

Liz will bring the fresh perspective our State Legislature needs, and the commitment to improving quality of life that State House District 27 demands.

Liz IS:

A Leader - In her role as Co-Chair of the Alaska Food Policy Council, Liz has led the Board in successful efforts to strengthen our food system.  She expects as much from herself as from others in advocating for local food business development, policies to reduce hunger, and innovative ways to increase Alaska food production.  Liz leads by example. 

A Fighter - Whether demanding best efforts from her graduate students, establishing strategic, new educational programming, or taking care of her family, Liz never gives up the fight for what's right.  Liz is tenacious.

A Doer - When funding ran out to collect air quality data for local health clinics, Liz arranged to put the sampler on her office rooftop and she collected the samples herself.  When collaborating to help improve drinking water access in rural Alaska, she led efforts to ensure community voices were heard.  Liz puts words into action. 

A Partner -- Partnerships make everything possible.  As a mom, educator, and advocate, Liz's passion is to develop relationships to help her family and community grow and flourish.

I look forward to hearing about what you envision for our district and for our state, and to ensuring our voices are heard in the capitol.